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A little bit about me.

I'm just a simple man trying to make my way into the design universe. I used to push pixels on photos as a retoucher, but now I push pixels on interface elements as a UI/UX designer. Ultimately, I push myself to make designs as user-friendly and desirable as possible.I get excited about processes, tooling, design systems, and optimization. I have fine art, graphic design, and animation training and hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Media Arts and Animation. I'm comfortable in a group critique setting from my education and work history. I'm bringing all of this into my transition to UX/UI design.

In my retouching experience, I developed and documented a lot of processes surrounding asset management and retouching standards, even being part of an internal team that shaped a CMS tool for e-commerce. I got a glimpse into the product development cycle, and I want to be a part of the human side of that world. Over the years, I have refined my own workflow countless times as a super-user of Photoshop, always honing the process, and now I'm applying it to Figma. I bring all the organizational, iterative, and process-oriented skills into UX/UI design.

What drew me into learning UX/UI design was a combination of things, from appealing to my analytical and creative sides, to being critical of menu navigation on DVDs and video games, to general curiosity into the all-important question of "why" people think and behave a certain way.

Professionally, my goal is to be part of a highly collaborative product environment, where all departments truly work in harmony, and want to become more familiar with front-end development systems and code.

For fun, I like listening to and playing music, video games, drawing, and reading, especially works by J.R.R Tolkien. I also enjoy turning off the technology and being in the outdoors with my family.

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